Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Using pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements is like buying visits for your website. When a potential or current client clicks on a PPC ad, your company is charged a fee. These types of ads are usually seen on Facebook, and can be found on sidebars and implemented in Facebook feeds.

What PPC Marketing Can Do For You:

Free Exposure: Even if your ad isn’t clicked on, you still are getting views of your ad and company for free. With PPC ads, you are only paying if people click on your ads. Otherwise, you aren’t charged for running your ad.

Geotargeting:Using Facebook, one of the biggest sites on the Internet, your company has the potential to reach a vast majority of users all over the world.

Save Money:With PPC, you can set daily budgets for an ad campaign. For example, if you are testing keywords for success or controlling the exposure of your ad during a specific time of day or place, PPC gives you the flexibility to set your spending budget accordingly.

Know the Key Behind PPC Campaigns

With PPC campaigns, you have the advantage and ability to target specific types of clients. This is achieved by carefully choosing unique keywords. And by choosing keywords, you have a greater chance of getting attention through searches. Keywords have the ability to place your ads within your target audience and help increase brand awareness when a customer is doing a search. If you need help finding your target audience, contact Randall Media Group.